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Women4Cyber Chapters in Serbia and Luxembourg launching and joint celebration of 8th of March 

8 of March

„Importance of women equal involvement in cybersecurity and opportunities for career development in the jobs of the future“ at a mutual online event organized by Women4Cyber Chapters Serbia and Luxembourg“

Women4Cyber Serbian and Luxembourg Chapters have become part of the global network of women in cybersecurity. Chapters work in this area will empower women to be equally involved and to participate in creating a digital future. 
On the occasion of International Women's Day, on the 8th of March, a joint online event will be organized to launch Women4Cyber Serbia and Women4Cyber Luxembourg Chapters.

Women are not equally involved in creating a digital future and globally, girls account for 35% of STEM students and women represent only 20% of all tech workers. 
Additionally, in Serbia, only 17% of women are in management positions in technology companies and they have 20% lower salaries than their male counterparts. Gender imbalance is also evident when it comes to founding startups where women own only 3% of them. Women are also less involved in cybersecurity, where globally only 20% of them are employed in this area. 
Since data represents new oil in the 21st century and connectivity is more important than ever, and cybersecurity is essential for the ethical and sustainable development of modern society. Given the importance of cybersecurity for economic development, on the one hand, and the lack of skills in this profession on the other, it is crucial to empower women to be equally involved and meet the growing demand for today’s challenges in this field.

Women4Cyber Serbia and the Women4Cyber Luxembourg Chapters are established as part of the Womn4Cyber Foundation launched by the European Cyber Security Organization, and a joint event will launch both organizations, promote activities and position the importance of this topic at the national and international level by involving all relevant stakeholders from both countries: Government representatives, the private sector, institutions, organizations, and the general public.

Gathered leaders will address a topic dedicated to the importance of women's equal involvement in cybersecurity and opportunities for career development in the jobs of the future.
In addition to the panel session, participated by representatives of both Chapters and the private sector from both countries, the event will be opened by Tatjana Matić, Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Republic of Serbia and François Thill, Director for Cybersecurity, Ministry of Economy, Luxembourg.
The joint organization of Women4Cyber Hackathon for students from both countries is going to be announced, and Hackhathon will realized in cooperation with the private sector, state, and universities with the aim to strengthen the equal involvement of future generations of young tech leaders in cybersecurity.

Please join the webinar at the following link:

The agenda is available here.

We are also inviting all individuals and companies who would like to join and contribute to these and future Chapter’s activities to write to us at:

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