AFA is a global and diverse network of professional women, experts from different fields, dedicated to creating a platform for economic empowerment of women, their professional affirmation and active involvement in creating the future of equal opportunity.

AFA connects corporations, investors, institutions and government to make AFA women’s network available to as many women as possible, and provide them with the opportunity to cooperate, share knowledge and experience, develop and use all their potentials and actively participate in creating a better society.

We can do so much together

AFA Network

AFA is an expanding and diverse professional network dedicated to the engagement of women, and committed to their professional and personal growth through cooperation, knowledge and experience exchange.

Our community is made up of successful, motivated and passionate professionals from various industries and in different stages of their careers: ground-breakers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, board members, and visionaries but also, alumnae and students.

Join AFA network, connect and broaden your influence by opening new possibilities. All women are welcome! No membership fees, just fill in the questionnaire and choose the level of your involvement – whether you would like just to receive information or initiate or actively participate in projects… all options are open!

How we started

“A-list women“ project in 2014, conducted a survey in cooperation with the Faculty for Media and Communication  in Belgrade with support of Elle magazine and Atlantic Group, involving 2000 participants from different fields (middle and top level corporate structure) with the goal to examine obstacles in their career development and promotion.

Conclusion was women complete three times more tasks including housework and family obligations, lack of networking and solidarity between women, double standards for women and men.
“Women A-list” forum in October 2014 gathered 100 influential women from different fields, where the need for creating an organisation for the economic empowerment of women was strongly identified.

In January 2016, AFA association with support of the  Embassy oF US in Belgrade, launched a platform “AFA network” in order to make the platform accessible to all women.

AFA Executive Board of Corporate Partners

Svetlana Tešić

Regional Diplomatic Sales Expert
Business Marketing and Sales Department

Anja Ivana Milić

Co-founder, CEO

Jelena Galić

CEO and chairwoman of the executive board at AIK Banka

Višnja Filipović

Business Development


dr Jasmina Knežević 


Kristina Matić

PR & Marketing Coordinator

Marija Krstić


Tijana Koprivica

Chief Business Sustainability Officer

Ivana Kampel

Manager for Corporate Communications 

Hilde Van Criekinge

Corporate Communication Manager

Branka Pudrlja Durbaba

Senior Market Director

Jelena Vlajković

Marketing Director

Jelena Petrović

Marketing MB Passanger Cars and smart

MBC Department

Nevena Savić

Corporate Communications

Jelisaveta Lazarević

Project Leader at AFA

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Aleksandra Novaković

Project Assistant at AFA

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Vanja Kovačev

PR and Communications

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AFA Team


Chief Happiness Officer


Child protection policy

Association for Female Affirmation

Gospodar Jovanova 2

11000 Belgrade, Serbia

+381 (0)11 218 0533

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