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GirlsHack 2020

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

GirlsHack 2020 had 50 students from all around Serbia divided into teams and working together in solving some of the world’s biggest ecological issues aiming not only to inspire them to change ecological crises in the world, but also to bring female students closer to some of the 4.0 industry’s most sought-after technology occupations and a future digital civilization.

Students came from different backgrounds, because we wanted to integrate girls that are less familiar with Hackathons, and give this form of competitions a broader form. We had students from artistic faculties, from mathematics, from political and organizational faculties and of course we had programmer’s and software engineer universities as well.

Each team was given a female mentor from a tech company who was there to help them with coming to the solution and presenting it effectively. Mentors were chosen from companies such as Google, NCR, Madheadgames, Levi9, Nutanix, Zebra crossing, Kagera, Airt AI, Htech and IBM.

Girls had less than 48h to work on their ecological solutions and they were presenting their ideas to a jury during the Women’s Leadership Summit.

The team that won got Huawei mobile phones as a prize, but the jury also decided to give a special prize to the second best team, as they also had a very unique idea.

Trough projects like GirlsHack, AFA wants to empower more female students to start their careers in tech and get an opportunity to create a future that will be more inclusive and more innovative.

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