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Innovation Week 2020 - Speed date with the future

The third Innovation Week, held from 21st to 25th September 2020, organized by AFA brought together a large number of inventors, innovators, and creators of change who discussed the latest trends and innovations in science, technology, design, as well as research and development. One of the main topics of this year's Innovation Week was artificial intelligence and raising awareness of how fast-growing technologies affect the economy, society, and the way we work and live, as well as to emphasize the need for regional cooperation in innovation-based development.

The third Innovation Week was opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brabić, on September 21. Ms Brnabić assessed that investments in that area promote higher economic growth and a better quality of life for citizens, and contribute to one of the Government's goals of creating an economy based on knowledge and innovation.

The host of the opening was H.E. Finnish Ambassador to Serbia Kimo Lahdevirta, who stated that Finland strives for the development of artificial intelligence to be trust-based and human-oriented, with a focus on efficient implementation in the field of business and public services.

The second day of Innovation Week was HealthTech day, supported by GSK and devoted to the topic of Longevity and the future of medicine. As part of HealthTech Day, Chris Verburgh, the youngest author of a science book and medical doctor focused on longevity and the future of medicine

gave the lecture about the new technologies and the way they can improve the future of medicine, after which everyone present wondered what our future would look like in just a few years.

The Innovation Week conference day was opened by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications (now Minister of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications), Tatjana Matic. During the conference, the creators of the future from the world, our country, and the region addressed how the latest technologies are changing the largest sectors of the economy and affecting our lives and world transformation.

One of the central topics was dedicated to the development of an innovative and inclusive regional ecosystem, which was discussed by Mr. Lasso Ballesteros, Cabinet Expert for Innovation, Research, Education, Culture and Youth, Commissioner Gabriel; Siniša Marčić, Human Capital Development Expert at the Regional Cooperation Council; Nina Angelovska, former Minister of Finance of Northern Macedonia; Sara Del Fabbro, IKEA Director for Southeast Europe; Nebojsa Bjelotomic, director of SAGA; Dragoljub Damljanović, Vice President for Energy and Services of Schneider Electric in Southeast Europe, while the moderator was Dubravka Negre, Head of the EIB Regional Office for the Western Balkans.

The third Innovation Week was officially closed with the award ceremony for innovations that celebrate excellence, at the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade, a country that is one of the most innovative in the world.

In the introductory word at the closing ceremony, H.E. Ambassador Jan Lundin spoke about the importance of innovation and the importance of inclusive development, which is based on innovation and the development of innovation for the common good.

The ambassador especially pointed out that the road to the future, in which the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, virtual reality, biotechnology, digital production, and global gigabit networks, are changing the largest sectors such as education, health, entertainment, transport, retail, banking.

The winners of the awards for innovations were chosen by an expert jury consisting of Aleksandar Čabrilo, HTech, Adam Kovač, TriLateral, and Anja Ivana Milić, Arhipro.


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