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AFA is a cross-sector, cross-generation and gender diverse community committed to economic empowerment of women and their active involvement in creating the future of equal opportunity,  with a special focus on technology and innovation as a key driver for economic growth and society development.

We are engaged in digital literacy and promotion of STEAM universities among females in order to have proportionally represented women into this jobs in the future. We work with companies, organizations, investors, institutions and government to make that change possible.

CEO Alliance for Gender Equality

The Alliance is a network of companies for bridging the gender gap in the working environment with the aim of spreading an inclusive culture, in which women and men are equally valued for their unique contributions at work, in society and in the family.

Join us

Gathering together to present the most innovative science ideas and technologies that will set industry forward, stimulate economy and solve important society issues

AFA Tech

AFA TECH is a growing community focused on innovation in science and technology as a key driver for economic growth in the fast changing world, advocating the new learning strategy at all levels, digital literacy and encourage and support tech entrepreneurship building an ecosystem and new partnership and investment models.

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Stefan Vanoverbeke

CEO of IKEA Southeast Europe

"I believe that we, as business leaders, are responsible for creating an equal working environment for women and men in our companies. That is why we have initiated this Alliance and we want it to become a bearer of change. We want to inspire others to take even stronger steps in accepting the inclusive culture in their companies. We want to learn from each other on how to create more equitable working environments because they are better for our business, colleagues, and society as a whole. We are stronger together and we can have a greater impact. "


Mike Michel

CEO of Telenor Serbia

"I am quite proud to say that more than 60% of all employees in Telenor are women and we have more than 50 % of women on leadership positions today. Gender equality is important for all because it boosts innovation and ultimately leads to happier employees. It boosts morale and ultimately leads to lower turnover and a better working environment. So, let’s unite our efforts and really ensure that standards within our own companies become standards in the market. "


Jelena Galić

Chief Executive Officer, AIK Bank

"I firmly believe that women at leading roles are exceptionally rational and pragmatic at making decisions, although I would underline that I do not advocate differentiation between 'female; and ;male; style of management, as this is primarily a reflection of caractere and personal i.e. professional experience."

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